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27 Apr 2012

My Picture

Hai ! Dh lama tk bkk blog - Now Here I am ! I just wanna send my Edit picture ! Let's See -

1 Mar 2012

My best friends !

I have my new best friends now ! a better friends and friends who can respect my choice ... now that is call FRIENDSHIP am i right ?? of coarse =D i'm just create a new single song but it's not so good ... it's about friendship that break ... but just forget about that ok .. I Love To Be Me but some how i hate when someone just call me selfish or cruel like *somebody* ?? i know she just can't respect or except my choice to break up with her ... I will not be friends with her ever again .. yeah like that gonna happen ?? never ! Just enjoy read this and try to understood =D

27 Feb 2012


jiran thihah kena rompak ari ni !! benci la rompak2 ni ... cuba korang gtau thihah ade x perompak yg kaya raya ?? of coarse la takde kan !! so ?? npe la nk rompak org ni ... klu dh x de duit pergi la cri kerja !!kesian org tau

#dh la thihah duduk rumah sorang2 ni /... scary dooo


Greyson Chance - Waiting Outside The Lines

25 Feb 2012

Friendship make me sad

Remember this picture ?? we choose to break our friendship ... Selena (me) choose to don't want a BFF ever again ... it just make me sad and hatred right ?? ya i hope i'm not me but this is just me ... my choice ... my friends except her but i not and doesn't mean to embarassed HER on my blog ... i'm just wanna express myfeeling !! hope u guys understood ...

23 Feb 2012

Sik Keda !! here i come

yey !! lgi 10 minit lgi sya nk pergi ke kem sik keda !! excited gilaaa ... have fun with friends ?? dgr ceramah ? motivasi !! best nya ... tpi sayang kena bangun pukul 4 pgi =( tpi x pe la ... bersyukur je la dpt pegi kan ?? ok la bye blogger !!